Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Portland State University American Marketing Association Event: Meet the Faculty

By Lisa A M Bauman
On Wednesday, October 9, 2013 I attended the American Marketing Association (AMA) event titled Meet the Faculty at Portland State University (PSU). The event was attended by many PSU cohorts and business professors and presided by my good friend Rachel Krauss. I had the pleasure of attending presentations by both Lauren Skinner Beitelspacher and Dr. Robert Harmon.
Harmon, the first speaker, spoke about the interesting field of technology marketing and suggested that students should consider understanding technology to further their career. He said that marketing is one of the top paying business fields and that technology marketing is a booming industry. With over 20 years of high-technology consulting experience in technologies that include software services, e-commerce, renewable energy, mobile location-based services, healthcare technology, semiconductors, and more, he certainly had the right credentials to speak about the subject.
Beitelspacher, the second speaker, spoke about a subject that was especially exciting for me as an outdoor enthusiast. She explained that PSU’s Center for Retail Leadership is launching a certificate program aimed at preparing students to work in Oregon's athletic and outdoor industries to target Oregon’s more than 800 athletic and outdoor industry companies where the average wage, is more than $80,000 annually; a 70 percent higher than the statewide average for all workers! She spoke to her audience very enthusiastically but warned that first impressions are very important to her. She advised that students always pay attention in class, put away their cellphones, and send professional quality emails when corresponding with professors.
The three things that I took away from this event were a better understanding of the resources available to me though professors at PSU, the opportunity for becoming part of the AMA, and my potential fit in the outdoor marketing zona. With a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment behind me and nearly four years of leadership rolls in the National Speleological Society and related organizations, I could see myself being very happy promoting goals that fall in line with companies like Columbia, Nike, and REI. On Thursday, the day after the event, I sat down with the SBA Honors Track Program advisor, Haley Holmes, to make sure that my educational goals were being met. She too suggested that I consider the outdoors industry to practice my marketing skills and advised me to contact professor Beitelspacher for a clear insight to what a career in the industry might look like. 

  ** For MGMT 388, Professional Selling, Portland State University, Fall, 2013-2014